Savor tradition
Grenade (fire extinguisher)
icon Artist Zuo-Yang Art Studio
icon Tittle Grenade (fire extinguisher)
icon Size 9.3cm×9.3cm×25cm
icon Technique Sodium glass/ Lamp working/ Tubing / Annealing
icon Collector Hsinchu Municipal Glass Museum

The subject is a bottle shape fire extinguisher and a metal can to hold it. Use Hard potasium glass and iron sheet as the material. Apply tubing of lampworking and metal panel-beating techniques. Blow a bubble from a tube and shape to a cylinder by continuing turning, heating ,pulling and blowing. Make it cone shape on the top opening. After it is annealing, load the liquid inside the bottle. Wrap a wet towel around the neck of the bottle to cool and insulate the heat. Seal the opening by a gas burner and let it cool by itself. The can is made by panel-beating skills for holding the bottle.